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5 reasons pole dancing is the ultimate entertainment

April 30, 2016

Pole dancing performances make a night at The Windmill even more unforgettable

No evening at The Windmill would be complete without taking in a pole dancing performance by one of our incredibly seductive Windmill girls. While, of course, they are experts at all styles of dance, there is a reason we are considered to be one of premier destinations for pole dancing in London!

Whether you’re celebrating a stag party, a birthday party, or simply rewarding yourself for surviving a crazy week at work, watching a pole dancing performance will make a special night even more memorable. If you’ve never watched a pole dancer in action before, here are five reasons it’s the most mesmerising style of dance on the planet, guaranteed to thrill you any time you watch…

1. It’s been entertaining gentlemen since the Middle Ages

Various forms of pole dancing have been recorded since as long ago as the Middle Ages – it’s the original type of exotic dancing! The fact that it’s such an enduring style of dance, as beloved today as it was then, shows just how seductive it really is.

2. It’s officially the most popular type of adult entertainment in London

In Soho nightclubs, you can pretty much watch any type of dance entertainment you want to; in the heart of the sex scene, you’ll find everything you’re looking for! But even in amongst all of this choice, pole dancing regularly tops polls when visitors are asked about their favourite type of adult entertainment – and when you actually watch one of these performances, it’s not hard to see why!

3. You’ll have an unadulterated view of the stunning dancer

One of the most alluring things about watching a pole dancer is the way she’s elevated on a stage or podium. This means you will have an incredible vantage point of her performance, and can watch in awe as she performs her routine for your entertainment.

4. You’ll be amazed at not only the dancer’s beauty but her talent, too

In recent years, pole dancing has become one of the most popular ways for women to exercise – and if you watch a performance, you can really see why. Not only are these dancers the most beautiful women in London, they’re also incredibly physically talented to be able to pull off these difficult moves and routines with such style.

Pole Dancing in London | Windmill International

5. You’ll really feel as though you’re watching a real, show stopping performance

When the dancer is up on a podium or stage, it really adds to the sense of special occasion and performance. When a lot of types of exotic dance can be a bit cheekier and informal, there’s still something special about watching a pole dancing performance that makes it feel like a treat.

So, if after reading our five brilliant reasons you would like to experience the best pole dancing in London, or want anymore information about Windmill International, please contact us!

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