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5 Reasons To Watch Euro 2016 At The Windmill International

June 16, 2016

When it comes to deciding where to watch the UEFA European Championship 2016, the best gentlemen’s club in London Windmill International has more than you need – the venue, the action and of course the girls!

We have five good reasons to make The Windmill International your preferred venue to watch your favourite football matches.

THE DRINKS… and the meals!
Whether you come to The Windmill International to enjoy a game, a drink or both plus our gorgeous Windmill dancers, you’ll find only high quality premium lagers to a magnum of the finest champagne. Whatever you fancy, we know we’ll have something to satisfy you.

If you would like to include a dining experience in your evening with us, you’ll be enjoying a delicious, handmade buffet, in a cuisine of your choice. 

Watch the game from every angle while you drink and cheer on your team with a huge plasma screen in The Windmill International! We would make sure that you don’t miss any of the action while enjoying the company of the best looking girls in London!

If you’ve never visited the iconic club before, you may not know that the Windmill International has an exclusive VIP lounge. This is somewhere that you can privately hire for your group only; so you can experience all of the excitement of the games at the Windmill, in your own personal space away from the crowds.

Three beautiful sexy women soccer playersThere is a reason we are considered
to be one of premier destinations
for gentlemen in London!

No evening at The Windmill would be
complete without taking in a dancing
performance by one of our incredibly
seductive Windmill girls. While you
are enjoying your favourite matches
from EURO 2016, you can also watch
in awe as our Windmill dancers
perform their routine and make your
entertainment even more exciting.


Football fever will be rife at Windmill International, with homages being paid to past and present footballing greats throughout its impressive interior.

Head to our booking page if you would like to book a table in advance or contact us if you want anymore information about Windmill International.

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