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5 times you should celebrate a corporate night at The Windmill

April 28, 2016

When are the best times to organise a corporate night out at Windmill International?

As it’s London’s original strip club, and one of the oldest gentlemen’s clubs in London, Windmill International is the perfect destination for a big corporate night out. For generations, groups of colleagues and business associates have been paying us a visit when they really want a night out they’ll never forget; so much so, that we now have a special package in place for corporate groups to book!

The Windmill has a reputation for being the best place for this kind of corporate event, and it’s easy to see why; our iconic theatre is steeped in history, we attract the world’s most talented, stunning exotic dancers to our stage, and we are unrivalled when it comes to our attentive service, looking after our guests exquisitely.

You know that if you have a corporate night out coming up, The Windmill is the place to be! So, what events do you have coming up that you need to celebrate? Of course, there doesn’t have to be an explicit reason to come and enjoy a night at Windmill International – but if you and your team do find yourself in any of these 5 situations, you’ll know it’s time to pick up the phone and make your reservation.

Corporate Night Out | Windmill International

5 times a big corporate night out is the best way to celebrate

1. To celebrate a deal

Sometimes working in the corporate sector can be disappointing and frustrating. So when you do have good news and the chance to celebrate achieving a deal or winning a big new client, you should grab the opportunity and make the most of the time to party!

2. For a colleague’s birthday

Nothing shows a member of your team that he is really appreciated like organising him an extra special birthday party at The Windmill. You’ll all be able to enjoy the perks of being a birthday boy, getting up close and personal with our stunning Windmill girls.

3. For a colleague’s stag party

After entertaining generations of London’s gentlemen, if there’s one thing The Windmill knows how to do well, it’s stag parties! Get everyone out of the office and into our world famous theatre to celebrate a member of your team heading down the aisle.

4. To impress a client

If you have an important business deal coming up, bringing your prospective client to somewhere as dynamic and exciting as The Windmill will be far more impressive than taking them out to a boring bar or restaurant – and will hopefully seal your deal!

5. To unwind after a stressful week

Every team of colleagues has one of those weeks when everything seems to go wrong and the pressure building on everyone is too much. If you find yourself in that position, why not let off some steam, kick back and relax in the company of London’s most alluring ladies? That will certainly end the week on a brighter note.

If any of these events apply to you and your team (or if you just fancy a night of partying!), please contact us if you would like to find out any more information about organising a corporate night out here at Windmill International.

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