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All Singing, All Dancing – Cabaret At Windmill International

August 27, 2015

Windmill International is London’s oldest strip club, which means it has a very lively history! We’ve been keeping gentlemen entertained for 80 years, so we know a thing or two about quality music and dance. It would be a mistake to assume that a night at The Windmill only consists of nude dancers and strip teases – as a gentlemen’s club, we’ve hosted our fair share of different types of entertainment over the years. One of the most popular is cabaret.

The Stage At The Windmill International


Cabaret at The Windmill

Windmill International’s relationship with cabaret acts spans the decades. When the club first opened, back in the 1930s, strip shows were illegal and were never seen in Britain – so cabaret shows were the main attraction for visitors, and the reason gentlemen flocked through our doors.  Nowadays, cabaret shows are still popular on The Windmill’s bill and  always attract plenty of intrigued visitors. Our cabaret shows star some of the best performers in the world, experts at their art who are guaranteed to show you a good time.

Cabaret explained….

When most people think of cabaret, they probably think of the musical, or maybe of a simple singing or dancing act. In reality, a cabaret show offers so much more. Cabaret acts are showcases of many types of entertainment, and include many different forms – singing, dancing, comedy sketches, playing instruments and ventriloquism could all be a part of a cabaret routine. Every act is different and you never quite know what you’re in for! Variety shows like this were a common sight  at  The Windmill since we opened our doors. In fact, some titans of entertainment got their big break performing variety and cabaret shows in the iconic Windmill theatre – including Peter Sellers and Bruce Forsyth.

Windmill International London Venue - Bar

Cabaret shows at The Windmill now attract visitors alongside our infamous strip shows. They are still a popular, and we consider them to be an important part of our history – something we’re proud to have helped introduce to the gentlemen of London.  For us, and for many of our visitors, our cabaret shows are a reminder of the ‘good old days’, and the Windmill theatre of the past that has kept our gents laughing and entertained through the war and other difficult times.

Perhaps you’d love to come and visit us at The Windmill, but want to really be entertained and enjoy a show – cabaret is the answer.  Our cabaret shows will entertain and delight you, make you laugh and marvel at the talents of our performers. Proving we are more than simply a ‘strip club’, Windmill’s cabaret performers can add a classic, slightly more unexpected element to your time with us.

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