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Audition for Ms World Table Dancing 2016

April 5, 2016

You could become the latest in a long tradition of iconic Windmill Girls…

Imagine if your job involved dancing on one of the most historic and famous stages in Soho, performing alongside incredibly talented dancers and West End performers, and entertaining very appreciative gentlemen night after night. Sound like a dream job? Well, you’re in luck…

On 25th April 2016 at 3.30 pm, here at Windmill International we give the ladies of London the chance of a lifetime. You could become one of the iconic Windmill Girls! We are holding table dancing auditions again on the 22nd June 2016 at 2 pm to find some incredibly talented and super seductive girls to join our world famous line up.

We’re looking for the best table dancers London has to offer, for a very special occasion. This June, we will be holding some major events at our theatre, to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the opening of The Windmill. And to celebrate in style, we waAudition to be a table dancer at Windmill Internationalnt to build on the famous history of our Windmill Girls, from the first ‘nude statues’ who made the club so infamous, to the current styles of seductive dance our girls showcase every night.

On June 22nd, we’re going to ‘bring it all home’ to our iconic stage, inviting the stars of the West End musical ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’, based on the origins of the theatre which has been a raging success, to come and participate in a dance off a
t our club, alongside our table dancers. This will bring together the original dance styles that put the Windmill on the map in a totally original and exciting way – not to mention the fact that it will be so much fun!

Everything you need to know about our table dancing auditions

  • The second and final event will be at 2 pm on Wednesday, 22nd June 2016, here at the Windmill International Theatre (17-19 Great Windmill Street, Soho, London, W1D 7JZ
  • Dancers auditioning will be performing a table dancing routine in the style of “Mrs Henderson Presents” – a 1930s style musical number
  • The performances will require a costume in the style of that era, to match the themes of the musical. Unlike most table dancing jobs which may require performers to wear very little, this is a case of ‘for the show to go on, the clothes must come on’!

What is waiting for you if you’re one of our chosen top table dancers?

As well as the chance to entertain the gentlemen of London night after night on the hallowed stage of the Windmill Theatre, you will….

  • Be taking part in the wonderful aforementioned dance off alongside the cast of the West End musical
  • Have the opportunity to take part in a reality TV show about the Windmill Theatre
  • Have a photoshoot in an edition on the renowned Paul Magazine
  • Take part in the Ms Table Dancing 2016 competition

So if you you’re jumping at the opportunity to join The Windmill family during this very special year for the club, what are you waiting for! For your chance to audition, please send your name and personal details to And if you would like to find out anymore about the table dancing auditions or working at Windmill International, please contact us, or read our press release about the auditions and the events.

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