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Did you know The Windmill offers a dining experience?

April 29, 2016

Did you know that you could enjoy an exclusive dining experience at Windmill International?

The best thing about a night at The Windmill? It can include anything you want it to…

When you’re celebrating a big event or occasion, you’ll want to pull out all of the stops to make sure it really is a night to remember. You may not know that if you’re organising a special evening here at The Windmill, you can even include the option to experience our private dining room. That will really add a touch of excitement to your night! Here’s everything you need to know about our exclusive dining room, what kind of food you can expect, and how to make your reservation…

What does dining at The Windmill entail?

We find that there’s so much excitement happening during a night at The Windmill, the last thing our exclusive guests want to do is sit down for a big meal. That’s why, if you include a dining experience in your evening with us, you’ll be enjoying a delicious, handmade buffet, in a cuisine of your choice – from Middle Eastern to Japanese. As an added bonus, you’ll be situated in our private dining room, away from the crowds of the main club. So your group can catch up in a more secluded area, assisted by our stunning Windmill girls to help with anything you may need.

Private dining at Windmill International is brilliant to bring an extra special element to a big occasion – perhaps a stag party or corporate event. If you’re looking to entertain a group and really want to make a night of it, we’ll give you the way to include everything you’ll need from your night, all under one roof.

Dining at Windmill International

Private Dining at Windmill International

Dining at The Windmill adds a touch of luxury to your evening…

Dining at Windmill International is an exclusive experience; you can’t simply enjoy this option during any night out at our club! You will only have access to our dining room if you make an advance reservation, and if you’ll be visiting The Windmill in a group to celebrate a special occasion. This ensures that your evening with us is as sophisticated as you want it to be. You can enjoy the privacy of our dining room, while also making frequent trips back into the electric atmosphere of the theatre – the best of both worlds!

When you’ve had your fill of the buffet, you’ll be more than ready to head out onto the dance floor and mingle with our Windmill girls…

If you love the sound of this dining experience, make a reservation!

You can organise dining at Windmill International in the same way you would organise any other special evening here – head to our Bookings page! There you can make your reservations; and if you would like any more information about food at The Windmill, or anything else about our club, please contact us.

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