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How did strip clubs and lap dancing became popular?

March 31, 2016

How did enjoying a lap dance become such a popular activity?

Now that gentlemen clubs are such a sought after and popular destination for nights out, and lap dancing is regular sight in pop culture, and it can be hard to imagine a time when they weren’t in the mainstream! However not that long ago, stripping, lap dancing and other types of exotic dance were not considered a profession, and could only be enjoyed as part of a traditional ceremony, or in secret. How times have changed!

Lap Dancing Club | Windmill InternationalStripping and lap dancing is one of the world’s oldest professions – although not as we know it today

In recent history, any time of accepted seductive dancing was usually only performed as part of a cultural tradition or ceremony – for example, many religious ceremonies in Eastern countries required beautiful women to be present, and for them to entertain the crowds through seductive dancing. In the royal courts of 18th century Europe, dancers who would now be known as strippers were often requested to provide entertainment for important banquets and state occasions. These were the only times public nudity of any kind was allowed – in fact, if nude performances were reported in any clubs or gatherings, the dancers were often arrested!

This continued up the the 20th century, when famously, the original Windmill girls at our club were the first to be fully nude on stage – and even then they had to remain absolutely still in order to stay in line with the law!

Of course, nowadays the total opposite is true; multiple strip clubs can be found in every city, and lap dances are a popularly enjoyed by gentlemen on special occasions and celebrations.

Lap dancers and strippers are not limited to one area; they’re a worldwide phenomenon!

Throughout history, erotic dancing and stripping has never just been popular in one country. Across the world, different countries and cultures embrace the performances in different ways. From the ceremonial belly dancing in the Middle East, to the ultra glamourous stripteases at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, to the pole dancing enjoyed in strip clubs across the UK – most destinations have their own variation of seductive performance.

Here at Windmill International, our Windmill girls perform the best lap dances in London

Night after night, our talented ladies light up our iconic stage with all kinds of seductive dance performances – and lap dancing is one of the most popular! Here at The Windmill, we’re proud to be the premier lap dancing club in London, somewhere gentlemen know they come for an unforgettable evening, where they will be thoroughly entertained by our talented girls.

So if you would love to carry on the tradition of enjoying a visit to a lap dancing club and having the time of your life, please make a reservation with us here at The Windmill by heading to our Bookings page – and please contact us if you would like anymore information.

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