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How to Become a Stripper? Everything You Need to Know

February 21, 2019

Thinking of becoming a stripper? This article will help you to determine whether this industry is right for you.

How to Decide If Stripping Is Right for Me?

Can’t decide if stripping is right for you? Then read on.

Most people think that if they can dance, they can become a successful stripper. The truth is, dancing is only part of the job.

In practice, dancing isn’t that difficult once you know how to seductively move to the music. The difficult part for many newbies is feeling confident and in-control while dancing and talking to strangers.

Most girls who start stripping do not realise that it’s a sales job, where you are selling your company and dances for money. There’s more to making a decent wage from stripping than simply turning up and looking good.

You need to be able to walk around the club and talk to men, who may want to buy a dance from you.

If you are naturally reserved and don’t feel comfortable talking to unfamiliar men, then this job can be challenging. That’s not to say it will be impossible, because it definitely isn’t.

If you’re shy, you are going to need to grow your confidence by challenging yourself and in that regard, becoming a strip club dancer can work wonders.

The key is to know what to expect so you can be mentally and physically prepared.

However, it may help to get advice from more experienced dancers or another member of staff such as the house mum or upper management. They will be more than willing to share their experiences and any useful information they might have. At the Windmill, we provide all of our dancers with full training, no experience is required.

How to Find the Right Strip Club to Work In?

It’s important to do your research before deciding on the right gentlemen’s club to work in.

Another thing to consider is a commission structure. All dancers have to pay “rent”, commonly known as a “house fee” for using strip club premises. The commission structure normally works in 3 main ways:

The majority of well-established strip clubs in London have a no-contact policy, which means customers can’t touch dancers during the private dances. If this rule is important to you when picking a place to work in, then make sure you know it before you sign up for an audition.

A percentage. This means that you’ll only pay when you earn. You’ll normally keep most of your total earnings. This could be a good option if you’re just starting out and are unsure how well you’ll do or whether it is, indeed, for you.

A flat “house fee”. This is a set amount payable to the club at the beginning of shift with 100% of cash kept by the dancer. This option could be good for anyone who wants to be more in control of their finances. However, most performers find it easier to pay a small amount at the beginning and the rest at the end of the night after earning some money.

A percentage combined with a flat house fee. This is a combination of the two. A smaller fee payable at the beginning of your shift with a percentage payout on earnings where different rules apply to different clubs.

There are generally 2 types of lap dancing clubs in London:

1. Upscale gentlemen clubs

2. Local strip clubs

Upscale gentlemen clubs tend to be large in size and have a smart dress code for customers although they can also be flexible especially for stag dos and large groups.

The dancers are only fully naked during a private dance and all the rest of the time they wear sexy gown or dress when they’re in the club and not in a private booth.

Local strip clubs are more laid-back and thus attract more different types of men from different backgrounds. The dancers in these clubs can be more flexible with their wardrobe and costumes.

If you still can’t find the right strip club to work at, then you could also visit the clubs you’d like to work for as a customer and even talk to the management and arrange an audition if you feel comfortable. It’s a great way to get the feel for the atmosphere, followed rules, treatment of the girls and the clientele.

Once you find your perfect club, you can either speak to a manager or a house mum and ask about the audition.

How to Prepare for My First Strip Club Audition?

Practice your routine before you show for a club audition in front of the mirror. Having a mirror will help you see what you look like and what areas you need to improve upon.

Make sure to wear your heels while you’re practising, so you’ll become comfortable in them.

If you are a beginner, stay away from pole tricks. Nobody expects you to do them, even though it will be available for you on the podium.

You don’t have to invest in special lap dancer’s attire before your audition. All you need to do is make sure you wear heels, sexy lingerie and a dress that you can easily remove on the stage.

At The Windmill International, we do not require any dancing to be performed at our auditions as we provide new dancers with full training when they start.

What to Expect from My First Audition?

You will likely be nervous on your first audition, but if that’s any consolation, everyone is. Also, it gets easier the more you do it.

On your first audition, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect. You don’t have to be a professional dancer. Being seductive is what striptease is all about.

The key is to keep eye contact with your audience, smile and try to be aware of your body.

You’ll start dancing fully clothed and by the end of your dance, you’ll be completely nude. As a lap dancer, you’ll have to be comfortable with nudity.

Some clubs allow you to keep on your panties on the stage and only go naked during private dances. If in doubt, always ask club manager about the club rules.

Here at The Windmill, our staff are very friendly, accommodating and ready to explain everything in detail to make sure future dancers feel comfortable during their audition.

How to Learn Pole Dancing?

If you want to learn pole dancing, the best way is to watch videos tutorials on YouTube. Start with the easier moves and move your way up once you progress.

You can also take pole dancing classes if you’re interested.

But remember, you can still work in a strip club as a dancer if you don’t know how to professionally dance on a pole.

How to Start a Conversation with a Customer in a Strip Club?

For many dancers, starting a conversation with a stranger in a strip club is the hardest part of the job.

If you can’t sell yourself, you will struggle to make a career out of exotic dancing (regardless of how beautiful you are).

A simple, “What is your name?”, “Have you been here before?” or “What did you do today?” are all good conversation starters.

You’ll soon learn that every customer needs a different approach to persuading them to buy a dance from you. Some want to talk, others want to listen to you, but what many tend to have in common is a connection, a rapport. So, being intuitive communicator is important in this job.

How to Deal with Impolite Customers in a Strip Club?

Like with any customer-facing jobs, you’ll encounter impolite customers in strip clubs. They may have inappropriate requests or ask for condescending questions.

In this situation, you can always search for the help of management or security to deal with these types of customers.

How Do Strippers Make Money?

Strippers are normally self-employed. They don’t usually make a salary or an hourly wage.

Like with any income, strippers have to pay tax. It is wise to save 20% of the total earnings as the income can be unreliable throughout the year.

Be sure to save all your work-related expenses as receipts, which you can claim against your earnings when filing your tax return. These can be clothing, makeup, pole dancing courses, taxis and other work-related purchases.

What Are the Biggest Misconceptions About Strip Clubs and Strippers?

Strippers are portrayed as hopeless gold diggers and abused victims in the movies and media.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Below is the list of biggest misconceptions about strip clubs and strippers people hold:

Myth 1: Strippers Are Stupid Bimbos

Most successful strippers are intelligent. They communicate with people from a wide range of backgrounds and use their social skills, wit and humour to persuade, perform and make a sale.

Many strippers make good money while paying for their degree, invest in property or start a business.

Myth 2: Strippers Hate Their Jobs

People think that strippers are uneducated and thus stripping is their only option to survive. This is completely false, as becoming a stripper is and always will be a personal choice.

The truth is – strippers don’t hate their jobs. In fact, they’re known to like their jobs more than the majority of people working full time in an office, retail or any other occupation. They enjoy what they do and that’s why some of them are more successful than the average person working 9 to 5.

Striptease is a job like any other: you have your bad days, where you would rather lie in front of the TV and do nothing and your good days, where you feel like a million dollars. The bottom line is, we all go to work because we need money.

Myth 3: Stripping Is Degrading for Women

For the majority of grown women, stripping proffessionally is a conscious and calculated choice. These educated and gorgeous women could do anything, but they choose to work in a strip club, because of financial freedom and empowerment it gives them.

They are confident in their bodies and proudly display them. They are in control.


Hopefully, this article gave you a good understanding of what to expect from this industry and helped you to decide whether stripping is right for you.

We certainly encourage you to give it a try because there’s nothing to lose. London top gentlemen’s club Windmill International is now looking for new dancers. Book your audition by calling 0207 439 3558 or head to our jobs page today.

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