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How to have the best Birthday Party of your life at Windmill International!

October 26, 2015

There are always people who say they aren’t fans of celebrating their birthdays – well, here at the Windmill, we just don’t understand that! If you don’t like celebrating your birthday, we think you just haven’t found the perfect way of doing it! A birthday night out at Windmill International is definitely the place for you – we certainly know how to throw a good party…

Whether you’re after a huge celebration with lots of friends making it a big night out, or you’d rather a slightly more low-key evening, you can find what you’re looking for with us. Windmill International don’t care if you want to plan your birthday months in advance, or if you’ve only just decided you fancy celebrating – we can show you how to have the best birthday party of your life, in London’s oldest and most iconic strip club!

Windmill International know how to show you a good time on your birthday!

If you’re the type of gentleman who does like to celebrate his birthday in style, then maybe you’d like it to be fully organised and prepared in advance. We have the perfect solution for you, with our birthday party package! Imagine spending your birthday surrounded by some of the sexiest women on Earth, relaxing in our luxurious theatre while enjoying one of our beauties seductively performing on stage…

If a birthday night out that involves drinking, eating, dancing, ladies, world class entertainment sounds like your kind of party, look no further. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to experience with our organised birthday parties! Our special package guarantees a birthday night out to remember.

If you do experience our birthday party package, you’ll have unlimited access or our bar and a buffet of cuisine of your choice. You’ll be able to enjoy the talents of our mesmerising, world famous Windmill girls, watching them perform on stage and dancing around the club. You’ll be treated – and you’ll feel – like a birthday king, Perhaps your party will even treat you to a private dance from one of our lovely ladies to mark the special occasion…


Haven’t planned ahead? You can still come and play at The Windmill…

If you haven’t thought much about your party, and your birthday is coming up soon, you can certainly still enjoy a night to remember here with us at the Windmill! Even if it’s organised at the last minute, a night out here is still the ultimate birthday party.

You can come and spend your evening here whatever night it is – just come down to visit us and come on in, and enjoy a night full of drinking, dancing, and the most beautiful girls in London. Even if you’re not taking advantage of our birthday package, a night out at the Windmill gentlemen’s club will blow all of your previous birthday parties out of the water!

If you’re on of those who struggles to get excited about your birthday, we hope we’ve managed to convince you to celebrate! For more information about how you can organise the best birthday party of your life, please contact us – we’d love to help plan your special night!

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