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Pole Dancing Fitness: The Perfect Workout for You

September 20, 2017

What springs to mind when you think of pole dancing; scantily-clad women gyrating up and down a pole, in dark rooms behind heavy closed doors. Well, with its exotic origins born in the strip club, no wonder this art of seduction provokes a “particular” line of thinking.

As we know it today, pole dancing is recognised for being a staple in gentlemen’s clubs, and a sensual dance that stimulates male desire. Although strip tease is stereotypically associated with pole dancing, there is more to pole dancing than stripping!London Stripteases | Windmill International

There are various styles of pole dancing, and the exotic kind is nothing like its sporty and artistic form; in the IPSF National Pole Sports Championships, these experts showcase their physical strength and technical skill through artistic expression and athleticism, displaying the limitless flexibility of the human body– without removing their clothes! As a matter of fact, you probably didn’t know that pole dancing holds a deep-rooted history in various cultures, long before it was tied to the modern burlesque scene; the Indian martial art of Mallakhamb and the European medieval May Pole dance are a few ancient pursuits that involve dancing and stunts performed on a pole.

In recent years, pole dancing has started gradually emerging out of the shadows and coming into a new spotlight. With the outstanding physical qualities involved in pole dancing, it is becoming widely accepted as a “sport”, convincing the world that pole dancing doesn’t have to be all sexy stripper-heels and nipple tassels, but an all-rounded workout of fitness and fun!

Modern-day pole dancing is now a worldwide rising fitness trend for both sexes. Its diverse benefits have become a well-recognised recreational activity to improve health and fitness. Plus, it is one of the more exciting ways to exercise, unlike traditional gym activities. Pole dancing is full of surprises and encourages consistency in keeping fit through its versatility and ability to rapidly change your body.

Anybody looking to lose weight needs to visit the pole! Its cardio and resistance training combination gets rid of those hard-to-burn calories, and you can expect to lose several pounds in a matter of months with consistent training.Even those heavy dumb bells will feel much lighter when you’re lifting your own body weight with just a single arm!

Pole dancing involves impeccable balance and core strengthening, and is brilliant for muscle and strength building, tightening the muscles whilst giving you a beautifully toned shape and full control over your entire body. If you have a mainly sedentary lifestyle, this creative dance style can improve mobility and flexibility too, preventing your muscles from seizing up and developing issues like back pain and neck stiffness later in life.

Apart from the physical benefits, pole dancing is great for boosting confidence and self-esteem. Its bold and daring techniques present a challenge and the embrace of female sexuality, showing a willingness to take risks and own your body with pride! Feeling comfortable in your own skin gives you mental freedom from society’s standards of beauty, and leaves you happier and more energetic. Also, you can master skills you may have believed were impossible, as nothing empowers people more than conquering their own obstacles.

So, why should you start pole fitness classes? To get fit and healthy, and to build great relationships with likeminded people. It is a challenging artistic dance form and offers a healthy lifestyle for everyone! So, give pole dancing a go and leave your bias at the door; we can almost guarantee you’ll find your newest obsession!

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