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Here’s what the rich and famous did for their stag parties…will yours match the standard?!

October 14, 2015

Stag parties are one of the most important nights in a man’s life. They’re also definitely one of the nights he looks forward to the most! Everyone deserves to enjoy a super special night for their stag do – it is your last night of freedom after all! Whatever you’re planning on doing for your own stag party, perhaps you’re in need of a little inspiration to take it from a good night into an amazing night! To help you with some of your planning, we’re going to take a look at what some celebrities did in the run up to their weddings. These guys made sure their stag parties were no expense spared, they really pushed the boat out and saw out their single days in style! They really set the bar high when it comes to stag and bachelor parties! Here’s how these gentlemen celebrated their stag parties – see if any ideas take your fancy… new windmill pictures z shoot 324

Brad Pitt

In the run up to his marriage to Angelina Jolie, Mr Pitt took his very best friends to Cannes in the South of France, for what was described as a ‘super sophisticated’ stag party. That doesn’t mean they didn’t live it up, though; the guests – who included Harvey Weinstein, Guy Ritchie and P Diddy – spent the evening smoking the finest cigars and getting through bottles of Johnny Walker whiskey.

Elton John

Elton isn’t known for doing anything subtly, and his stag party certainly followed this tradition! He really took the idea of a stag party and ran with it. His  do was a super star studded affair, as celebrities such as David Beckham and Orlando Bloom joined him to drink and party the night away. Performances by the Scissor Sisters and Take That certainly made sure that this was definitely a stag party of celebrity standard!

George Clooney

Mr Clooney is referred to as Hollywood’s most suave gentleman, and his stag party certainly lived up to this name. Taking place in Venice, Italy in the run up to his wedding, His chosen guests were wined and dined to the tune of a £3000, seven course meal at his favourite Italian restaurant, before working their way through bottles of whiskey and Patron.

Wayne Rooney

Being one of the most famous footballers in the world, it’s no surprise that Wayne Rooney really went big when it came to organising his stag party! He took a huge group of his friends to the island of Ibiza, where they commandeered a yacht and Wayne splashed out on a private, fully stocked bar and personal DJ. Though in classic stag do tradition, the boys all still wore personalised t-shirts! These famous gentlemen definitely made sure that they had stag parties that they and their guests would never forget! If you’re wondering how your own party could every stack up against these, look no further than Windmill International. As London’s original strip club, we are experts when it comes to hosting stag parties. Whatever you want from your last night of freedom, we can certainly help make it happen! Take your cue from these extravagant parties, and organise your stag in celebrity style!

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