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The Grand Tradition of the Gentlemen’s Club

August 19, 2015

Gentlemen’s Clubs

New Bar | Windmill International

Windmill International is the original London strip club and one of its oldest gentlemen’s clubs. Since the 1930s, Windmill International has been entertaining the men of London with its mesmerising dancers, performances and exciting atmosphere. Gentlemen’s clubs in London have been an institution since the 19th century, and they’re still popular with men today – heading out to a London gentlemen’s clubs is a guarantee of a good time! If you’re planning on experiencing an evening at the legendary Windmill International, first explore the intriguing history of gentlemen’s clubs and what they have to offer…

Gentlemen’s clubs throughout history

As long as there have been men, there have been gentlemen’s clubs – of a fashion! Men have always gathered together to socialise away from women, but the style of club we know and love today first became popular in Britain in the 1800s. Then,busy, well to do gents would gather in Central London boltholes to enjoy some alone time, away from the demands of home and working life. Only the most upstanding men were granted membership to these stately locations, and once they were in, they could visit at any time – to catch up with friends, discuss business, drink, and generally relax and enjoy themselves.

The Windmill becomes a gentlemen’s club

Fan Dancers | Windmill International

As the 1900s rolled along, gentlemen’s clubs became increasingly popular, and London’s West End overflowed with offerings for men to join up with a membership. Unfortunately, this often meant the standard of both the clubs and the members started to decline! In the 1930s, our original owner, Mrs Laura Henderson, bought the Windmill, determined to restore it to a gentlemen’s club to be proud of! With her introduction of the first ever live nude females – the infamous Windmill Girls – she certainly achieved her goal!

Windmill International has entertained and delighted gentlemen ever since, offering them a place to enjoy themselves and escape the stresses of life – whether that’s been the Second World War, or the economic hardships of the 1980. The Windmill is proud to be a gentlemen’s club that has never closed its doors.

Gentlemen’s clubs today

Windmill Theatre | Windmill International

Nowadays, gentlemen’s clubs are often unfairly painted with a bad reputation, as being a seedy or negative place to spend time. Windmill International is situated in the heart of London’s Soho, a place renowned for its sex scene and strip clubs – and The Windmill stands above the rest as not only the original strip clubs, but as one of the few gentlemen’s clubs left. Gentlemen’s clubs in London are often viewed as a location simply for stag parties or very special occasions, and while these are excellent reasons to visit The Windmill, we see no reason why men can’t come and spend an evening with us whenever the mood takes them!

Whether or not you join Windmill International as a member, if you’re in the Soho area and on the lookout for an evening that involves mesmerising girls, performances, and whatever drinks you’re craving, all in one iconic location, there’s only one place to visit.



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