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What a Night at the Best Strip Club In London is Like 

May 1, 2015

An electric atmosphere awaits you at Soho’s most decadent and exclusive Gentleman’s club.

First opened on the 15th of June 1931, The Windmill is famous for never closing its doors to the The Stage At The Windmill Internationalgeneral public. Not even during the war!

The venue maintains its original features while keeping in style with the theatre it used to be. The stage and balcony areas all represent past and present, making the Windmill a highly desirable venue.

With an electric atmosphere, our exclusive Gentleman’s club located in Soho, offers you much more than a night out. With a large selection of Whiskeys and tapas, our special menus are revised by our in house chef daily, providing customers with the highest quality of food and entertainment.

With over 100 international dancers performing very sexy, erotic strip shows continually throughout each evening; The Windmill girls are known as London’s most stunning dancers from across the globe.

Open from 9.30pm right through until 5.30am, the strip club‘s late licence allows guests to make the most of their evening while enjoying all that The Windmill has to offer.  Just like in a nightclub; you come in and start with having a drink at the bar.

While savouring your drink, you can watch the show on stage which starts as soon as the doors open and only stops once our lights go off at 5.30am. Professional cabaret dancers are regularly hired to star in special shows. They perform on the stage alongside the Windmills own professional pole dancers.Stag Parties at the Windmill International

The girls will come up and talk to you to say hello and ask if you want to dance. If you would like a dance for yourself, for your friends, partner or for both of you the girls will take you up to a booth and perform a private dance for you in an intimate private booth. All of the booths face the stage so that you can keep your eyes on all of the entertainment.

You can also sit next to the stage, there are tables available that you can request on the evening and watch the show up close. Table service is offered as well as dances at your table. Enjoy sitting with the girls or even dance like in a club to ambient music. The general feel is one of refined style.

The business lounge give guests the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and private space with professional table service and dashing entertainment as well as access to the most exclusive strip club in London.

Furthermore, The Windmill International also offers a wonderfully decorated private dining room, which can be used for meetings, private dinner parties and business gatherings.


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