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What you need to know about the VIP Lounge at The Windmill

May 2, 2016

Find out what it’s like to experience our extra special VIP Lounge…

If you’ve never visited our iconic club before, you may not know that Windmill International has an exclusive VIP lounge. This is somewhere that you can privately hire for your group only; so you can experience all of the excitement of a night at the Windmill, in your own, personal space away from the crowds.

If this sounds like the ideal scenario for your next visit to us, you might like to know more about what makes our VIP lounge so special, when you might like to visit, and how you can make your reservations for the evening…

What extra features does our VIP lounge offer?

Our VIP lounge gives a party of up to 60 people the opportunity to experience the wonder of a night at The Windmill, while also maintaining your own private space. You will still be able to watch all of the super seductive stage performances – in fact, from the vantage point of the VIP lounge you’ll actually have a better view. The fact that the lounge is a balcony area above the dance floor means you will have the best of both worlds; the buzz of the club and the privacy of your more secluded area.

You will of course be constantly visited by our beautiful Windmill girls, and your every need will be catered for throughout the night. To make the evening even more memorable, you can even organise the use of our private booths, to get even closer to our dancers and experience what you see on stage in person.

Exclusive VIP Lounge | Windmill International

Why book our VIP lounge?

The VIP lounge at The Windmill gives an extra special and sophisticated atmosphere to nights out – so it’s the perfect location if you’re celebrating a special occasion…

  • For stag parties; these are one of the most important nights of a man’s life, so pushing the boat out and making the night as memorable as possible is a must!
  • For birthday parties; whether it’s a big milestone birthday or you simply want to ring in the next year of your life in an extra stylish way.
  • For corporate events, when you need to impress a potential client or business partner, hiring out an entire VIP lounge makes a brilliant first impression.

Of course, you can also hire our lounge whenever you want your evening to enjoy an extra touch of luxury, whether it’s to celebrate some good news, a promotion, or any other kind of special occasion.

How can you organise our VIP lounge?

Our the VIP lounge at Windmill International sounds like the perfect place for your next special occasion, you can make your reservation for the lounge through our Bookings page. And if you would like to find out anymore information about the lounge, or have any specific questions, please contact us!

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