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Windmill International’s private booths give you primacy, intimacy and a chance to escape your everyday life…

Windmill International is London’s oldest strip club, and it’s still the most popular and well loved in the city. When anyone pays us a visit here at The Windmill, the main attraction to heading down to our theatre is obvious – our world famous Windmill girls.

Our girls are the most stunning and talented in London. Night after night, they display the most mesmerising and seductive dance performance on stage in our iconic theatre, and our lovely ladies are the reason gentlemen from around the world are always desperate to come back and visit us again and again.

Relaxing in our theatre and witnessing our Windmill girls perform is the perfect way to spend an evening, and we promise it’s a sight you’ll never forget! However, there are times when watching from afar just won’t do. Whether it’s been a difficult week at the office, it’s a special occasion like a stag party, or you just want to treat yourself, a trip to one of our private booths will give you a far more intimate experience with one of our stunning girls.

Our private booths offer peace and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the theatre

If you do decide to pay a visit to one of our private booths, it will be an experience you’ll never forget. One of our alluring Windmill girls will lead you away from the bright lights and the noise of the main theatre, up the stairs to our private booth area.

Our private booths have been carefully designed to offer total and complete privacy, and also comfort. They are equipped with the most sumptuous material and furniture, so you will be totally relaxed and comfortable spending time there – and of course, within these private sanctuaries, you will be able to spend some time with one of our incredible dancers.

Here at The Windmill, we have a number of private booths, all of which are custom designed to facilitate only two people – one of our beautiful dancers and one lucky gentleman visitor. A private dance in any of our booths can be arranged either before you arrive at our club, or during the evening, and can be enjoyed at prices starting at £20. Arranging one is the perfect way to treat one of your friends on a special occasion – or yourself!

If you would like any more information about our private booths, or to organise your evening at The Windmill, please get in touch!

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