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Since its opening in the 1930s, Windmill International has entertained and delighted visitors with its mesmerising girls and dances. One of the most adored showcases are our burlesque acts, which are a Windmill institution.

History of Burlesque

Burlesque dancing is a timeless art form, popular since as long ago as the 16th century. Men all over the world have long been seduced by the glamour and suggestive nature of burlesque dancing, and today it is regarded as the epitome of sensual, sexy dance. Recognising the unending appeal for this type of dance, Windmill began showing burlesque performances not long after it first opened its doors 80 years ago, and burlesque has been one of our most enduring features ever since.

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Burlesque at The Windmill

Burlesque dances are a firm favourite with visitors to the Windmill and are guaranteed to be a highlight of your night here. Our burlesque dancers are world renowned, and their captivating shows and dances are beyond your wildest dreams. Combining traditional burlesque moves with a modern day twist, our girls create an alluring spectacle that is guaranteed to hold your attention.

Whether you’re visiting The Windmill for a stag party, a birthday party, or simply to relax and kick back after a stressful week, a burlesque show will fulfil all of your wishes, and ensure you have something to talk about the next day…

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Burlesque in London at The Windmill International