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Membership at The Windmill International

  • Becoming a member is free (for a limited time only!)
  • Get lifelong VIP access to the Windmill International
  • Queue jump every time you visit
  • Priority access to tables and private booths
  • Free entry for you and your guests

Membership at Windmill International allows you to experience The Windmill in a way you never have before. Never queue again, receive priority for entry, seating and events at the club, gain access to exclusive areas and invite your guests for free, with your lifetime membership to Picadilly’s number one Gentlemen’s Club.

Membership at The Windmill is free, but subject to a process – only a select few are granted a membership card. You may be invited to become a club member by one of our directors, or you can apply online to be considered.

Once you have applied, you will receive a temporary membership card, and be invited to join us for an evening at The Windmill. If your behaviour is up to the expected standards of gentlemen of The Windmill International Club, you will be issued with a permanent, lifetime membership card.

This membership will allow to enjoy free, priority and exclusive access to the Windmill and all its events, for as long as you wish. You will be able to invite guests of your choice to spend an evening at Windmill International with you, and be the first considered for reservations, or use of our private booths and Business Lounge.

Apply for membership at Windmill International to experience London’s oldest gentlemen’s club to the fullest, and enjoy the benefits of being a Windmill VIP

View our brochure here to find out more about organising a night you’ll never forget with us here at the Windmill…

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• Free entry for life
• Queue jump
• Priority access to tables
• Free entry for guests

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