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Pole Dancing in London at Windmill International

When you imagine visiting a strip club like Windmill International, one of the first things that comes to mind is pole dancing. An iconic presence at strip clubs across the world, it is one of the most recognisable types of dance, and one that is most enjoyed by our gentleman visitors…

Here at Windmill International, we have been showcasing mesmerising pole dancers for as long as we can remember. Pole dancing is one of our most popular acts, and one that keeps the men of London coming back time and time again. Here, our world famous Windmill girls take to the stage night after night to showcase their moves and entice and delight their audience. The Windmill was actually one of the first London clubs to showcase pole dancing – and now we don’t see why we would ever stop!

Why is pole dancing so alluring?

London pole dancing attracts gentlemen across the world, and has done since it first gained popularity. But why is this the case? Perhaps it’s the way it showcases the dancer and makes them look incredible up on stage. It may be the skill of the dancer, her strength and flexibility as she mesmerises the crowd with her moves. Whatever it is, it seems that our visitors can’t get enough of it.

Pole dancing has always had this effect….

Pole dancing has been used as an art of seduction across the world since records began. It was in the 1980s that it started to gain popularity and clubs, and was worked into striptease routines. As we mentioned, Windmill International was one of the first London destinations to showcase this exciting art-form, and since the 1980s its allure has only increased! Wherever you look, pole dancing is recognised as one of the most seductive styles of dance – from music videos, films and art, it has become part of popular culture and is admired by gentlemen the world over.

Due to its unending popularity, pole dancing features all night, every night at The Windmill. Whenever you decide to drop in and visit us, you can be assured that our girls will be more than willing to take to the stage and put on a world class for you.

Whatever your reason for visiting Windmill International, you’re guaranteed a memorable evening, gazing upon some of the most mesmerising pole dancing you’ve ever seen. For more information about visiting us at The Windmill, please head to our bookings or membership page.