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London Strip Clubs 

Windmill International is the oldest and most iconic strip club in London. Before we started showcasing strip teases and nude dancing in the 1930s, no where else in London had done so. We were ahead of our time – and we made the right decision to include nude dancing on our lineup, because 80 years later, this is still the most popular reason to pay a visit to The Windmill!

The first strip club in London

The story of Windmill International’s introduction of strip clubs to London has become a Soho legend! Back in the 1930s, our fearless founder Mrs Laura Henderson wanted to ensure that gentlemen who visited the club were satisfied and coming back for more – what better way than to include nude dancers on the bill for the evening?!

The world famous Windmill Girls were first introduced our delighted clientele at a time when any kind of public nudity was banned, and our Windmill Girls were only allowed to appear fully nude if they stayed absolutely still! Needless to say, this is a very different practice to what customers are used to in strip clubs in London today! Nude dancing and strip teases became what The Windmill was renowned for, and our Windmill Girls were talked about across the world.

The Windmill International Strip Club in London

Strip Clubs in London The Windmill International

Modern London strip clubs

Nowadays, there are a whole host of strip clubs in London for visitors to choose from. While they obviously all vary in quality and standards, strip clubs have become the most infamous aspect of Soho, and visitors still flock to this area of the capital hoping to be entertained and delighted by mesmerising dancers.

A lot has changed about The Windmill since we first opened our doors 80 years ago, but one thing we’re proud of is that we are still entertaining very satisfied customers with our dances. Our Windmill Girls are still very much a part of life here at the club, and although their style and dance routines have had a 21st century makeover, they’re still just as alluring!

We’re proud to be the oldest and most famous strip club in London, and we’re certain that if you choose to spend an evening with us here at Windmill International, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget!

For more information about planning an evening here with us at Windmill International, please contact us, or head to our Frequently Asked Questions page.