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Table dancing is another seductive performance you’ll experience here at Windmill International

When you imagine visiting a gentlemen’s club, like ours here at Windmill International, you are probably the most excited about getting up close and personal with some of the most stunning ladies in London! And it’s also likely that you’re really looking forward to sitting back, relaxing, and focusing on the incredible dance performances our Windmill girls will be putting on for you…

One of the most mesmerising things about the dance performances here at The Windmill is the incredible variety that will be on display for your entertainment. Our Windmill girls are very talented ladies, you their dancing skills will ensure you won’t be able to take your eyes off them all night! Whether it’s their burlesque performances, pole dances, or strip teases, they really do have a whole host of dance styles ready and waiting to showcase for you and keep you on the edge of your seats.

Table dancing is another regular sight here at the Windmill

Table dancing can often be seen on show here in our theatre, and it always goes down really well with our gentlemen visitors! It is a popular side kick to pole dancing, and has been popular in strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs since around the 1980s. It’s worked it’s way up to be one of the most appealing and sought after dance styles in these kind of clubs!

Similarly to pole dancing, table dancing allows our beautiful ladies to move in time with the music, slowly and sensually, showing off their incredible bodies along the way. And for you in the audience, that means getting to take in every detail of the performance as it unfolds in front of you. The great thing about exiting art-form is the fact the performance will be elevated up on the table in front of you, so you’ll have a no holds barred view of the action!

Of course, table dancing can be incorporated into all other styles of dance; for example, we know if you look closely at any of our burlesque shows you’ll see table dancing is a major part of the action! That’s another reason the style is so adored; it gives other dance styles some of their most memorable moments.

Table dancing is just one small part of the enticing entertainment on display every night here at The Windmill, so make sure you don’t miss another moment! If you would like to experience the wonder of our Windmill girls table dancing, or showing off any other kind of dance moves, what are you waiting for?! Please head to our bookings page or contact us to begin organising your night…


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