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The Windmill Girls – the most famous dancers in London

If you know anything about Windmill International, you’ll definitely know about our Windmill girls; if you’ve ever been to visit us before, you will definitely remember them!

The Windmill girls are one of the most iconic aspects of our club, and they’re also some of the most mesmerising and talented ladies in the whole of London. As we’re the oldest and most famous strip club in London, we have a lot of history with our girls; we’re very proud that our girls are such an appealing attraction to visitors!

The History of the Windmill Girls

We’ve talked about the Windmill’s illustrious history on our blog previously, and if you know anything about us, you’ll know what we were the first establishment in the whole of Great Britain to showcase fully nude dancers! At the time, during the 1930s, any kind of nude dancing was considered to be public indecency and was against the law. In order to get around the ban, WIndmill’s original creative directors found that the girls could be nude – as long as they stayed absolutely, stock still, and only for a few seconds at a time! Once they found out about this loophole and choreographed routines around the rule, the Windmill girls as we know and love them today were born!

It’s no surprise that they because a phenomenon; men flocked from across the whole country to see the nude dancers, even just to get a fleeting glimpse! Although times have obviously changed, and the nudity laws have been greatly relaxed, our Windmill girls still seduce huge crowds every evening, and are definitely the main attraction for visitors to our club.

We’ve always continued with this tradition of showcasing the most alluring girls London has to offer – we only invite the loveliest ladies to come and show off their talents here with us at the Windmill.

If you come and enjoy an evening with us here at the club, for whatever reason, one thing you can be totally certain of is that our Windmill girls will look after and entertain you all night! Whether you enjoy watching them dancing, or spend your evening getting to know them in our bar area, they’ll make sure that you have a night to remember…

If you’d like to experience a night at Windmill International, please head to our Bookings page, or contact us to organise your visit! And to see what we offer for Christmas, have a look at our Christmas presentation!

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